About Our Blog & Podcast

This Blog and Podcast are both going to be all about Farming & Homesteading, Faith & Family, Gardening, Down-Home DIY, Self-Sufficiency & Self-Reliance, Farmhouse Country Home Cooking & Recipes, Outdoors Adventures, Living off of the Land, and wonderful Good Old Fashioned Country Living! All of these things I am very passionate about, but I also try to come at it all with a little dose of fun light hearted personality, cause’ that’s just me lol. I believe anytime you can try to put a smile on someone’s face, especially doing and talking about what you love, it can be a big blessing to them and us as well. I hope this Blog and Podcast both can be a real source of knowledge, encouragement, joy, fellowship & prayers, and a true blessing in some way. God bless all of yall that take even just a moment out of your day to spend a little time with us, it means a lot.