Introducing Our New Blog & Podcast!

Hey, my name is Cody, it’s so great to meet everyone and have all y’all come by and visit my first blog and podcast. I’ve always loved writing, been a big reader, and loved listening to podcasts as well. But this is the first time I’ve finally tried to step out and try creating and sharing my own. I have felt a strong feeling to give it a try for a long time, so I reckon let’s give it a shot lol! I was born and raised in the beautiful country and foothills of the Appalachian Blue Ridge mountains of north Georgia. I truly believe it’s some of God’s most beautiful creations.

Ever since I was very young I grew up so blessed to have such an amazing family, one that truly loves God, cherishes the importance of faith, family, farming, hard work, honesty, what weight a handshake and person’s word really means and carries, strong wholesome old fashioned values, morals and traditions, preserving everything from our food to our history, to the simple yet wonderful country way of life.

The country way of life truly encompasses all of these precious things and so much more words can’t do justice or fully capture. It transcends beyond localities and borders, and spreads far and wide to the people that really feel that deep call and love of it inside too. For all those that share that passion and love too for all these things, or are interested and have that little itch to step out and try an see what all this might really be all about lol.. We look forward to sharing all our knowledge, stories, advice, laughs, encouragement, prayers, and everything this journey we are so blessed to be on God most graciously has for us.

This Blog and Podcast are both going to be all about Farming & Homesteading, Faith & Family, Gardening, Down-Home DIY, Self-Sufficiency & Self-Reliance, Farmhouse Country Home Cooking & Recipes, Outdoors Adventures, Living off of the Land, and Good Old Fashioned Country Living. All of these things I am very passionate about, but I also try to come at it all with a little dose of fun light hearted personality, cause’ that’s just me lol. I believe anytime you can try to put a smile on someone’s face, especially doing and talking about what you love, it can be a big blessing to them and us as well. I hope this Blog and Podcast both can be a real source of knowledge, encouragement, joy, entertainment, fellowship & prayers, and just a true blessing in some way. God bless all of yall that take even just a moment out of your day to spend a little time with us, it means a lot.

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